stuffed roasted capsicum

Ingredients-for four people

Large Capsicums 1 per person, depending on hunger status.
4-6 Button Mushrooms
1-2 Cloves of Garlic
Feta to your tastebuds delight
3-4 tbsp crushed Walnuts
1 sache Ainsley Harriot Moroccan Couscous
Haloumi cheese

Cut two capsicums in half (i cut longways!) and clean them out so they look nice and spacious, roast them for 10-12 mins at 180degs.

.. but that happens while your doing this…

Chop up mushrooms into tiny little bits (like when a chief cuts onion
really small, but even smaller) and leave it to the side. Then get some of that Ainsley
Harriot Moroccan couscous.. and prepare as per packet details

Cut up a clove/s of Garlic really finely, crush the walnuts and crumble feta
cheese.. mix it all into the Couscous including the mushrooms.
bring the baked Capsicum out of the oven, and pack them with
the delicious concoction and bake for another 10 mins..i think.. im
not exactly sure how long to cook them just i guess til the Capsicum
is cooked and its all hot. Mushroom bits are great cooked or not in
my humble opinion… Then for the icing on the cake so to speak..
about 5 mins before you take them out the oven, put some slices of
halomi cheese on top and change oven to grill.. and let cheese brown..

Tip: Yellow Capsicum, are a slightly less intense flavour than the red, which are less intense than the green.


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