sound room

The sound room functions as a listening post for audio, and a place to share original sound.
Please contribute by attaching audio files to the page. Feel free to include other links or information about your sound


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william orr

french theme.mp3


this takes a while to load in the quicktime player, but it does work…

drakon (


adding your audio

There are two ways of adding your audio;

attaching audio files

To attach audio to a page, you need to upload the file first. To do this, at the base of the page where you would click 'edit', click on 'files'. This opens up some options below where you can upload your desired file.
Audio files (such as mp3s), once uploaded, can be linked to from this or any page. Once you have attached the file to the page, paste the following into your edition, and change where is says yourfilename to the name of your attached file:

what you type what it does
[[file yourfilename]] produces a link to a file attached to this page
[[file /another-page/yourfilename]] produces a link to a file attached to another-page

NOT IN ITALICS- remove the "//" if it appears in your code

So, for example, if you uploaded a file to the page called song.mp3, then then in the editing window it should read, [[file songmp3]]

embedding audio

Alternatively you can create your own sound room, and embed audio files into that page, so that they play upon arrival. See:
Wikidot help with embedding audio files
Once you have created the page, place a link to it from this one, so visitors can listen in your room!

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