(-) distractions

north note

dis-traction; gets the wheels spinning


This space is made available for any (open) ideas below to be moved in theory;practice. Add new headers for something you would like to see set out.

co-immunity college

Co-immunity college is a side-note/side-project. Night school: In that (day) schools and jobs are too bound to established institution. We need more extra-curricular activities, from without the gates of schools and workplaces.
A school on various avenues. Cooking classes, seminars, workshops, readings…

See current initiative:

t h e
s c h o o l
o f
g e n e r a l
k n o w l e d g e

a series of evening lectures, workshops and seminars. Run by Andrew de Freitas and friends, all classes are free and open to the public.
See full schedule of events HERE

George Fraser Gallery
25A Princes Street, Auckland, NZ

food sources in public

locations of free public food sources


Local projects where people (most useful for children in schools) are encouraged and enabled to cycle together to school. The route passes meeting points along the way and picks up the riders. Start one, schools want it. See also Bikes For Ghana


Distrubued communication utilising the most underrated and best value for money service available, the postal service. And otherwise.

travelling theater

What happened to the tradition of the travelling theatre? Ones that visit places other than the larger cities. Schools, parks, churches. Our cultural ceremonies are being dismantled- by us. Traditional celebratory ceremonies as an example are increasingly becoming celebrations of what initially distinguished them as ritual. Objects replace ideals and become idols. Celebrities should not replace fabled characters. Fiction should by no means be clouded over by constructed ‘reality’.


A volunteer delivery service. Anyone who is traveling to another city/country/place can offer to accept an additional item or items to 'post'.
Likewise, anyone looking to post or courier something to a specific or unspecific person or place can add a request notice. If you are taking a trip, offer to post. If you see an offer, see if you could take it up somehow. Post something unnecessary even.

south note

“Since utopia was set aside and the unity of theory and practice demanded, we have become all too practical. Fear of the impotence of theory supplies a pretext for bowing to the almighty production process, and so fully admitting the impotence of theory.”1

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