image archive

The image archive is a place for the storage and categorization of images. Please add new images and/or categories/subcategories.

adding images

There are 3 ways to add image files to a page; all are accessible through the 'add image wizard' avaliable when editing a page (click 'edit' at the base of this page to do so). The wizard allows you to add an image from another webpage, using the appropriate web address of the source image, from an image hosting site, 'flickr', or by attaching a file directly to the page.
To do this, click on 'files' at the base of the page. This opens up some options below where you can upload your desired file. Once uploaded, when you go to add an image in the edit window for the page, if you use the 'add image' wizard for instance, then you only have to select to add an image from 'attached file', and you will see a list appear of all the files uploaded for that page. The wizard also takes you through the basic size and alignment of the image file.



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