how to edit pages

Anyone can edit pages in this site, simply click on the edit button at the bottom of the page. This will open an editor and toolbar pallette with options. What you see in the editing window is all of the content of the page, your additions/editions can be previewed and saved using the buttons at the base of the editing window.

As well as editing pages, you can add links to other pages, create new pages, link to other sites, add images, sound or video etc. You are free to use the passage of the page to dispute, question, or edit anything. Even this text for instance.

Very handy instructions are provided by Wikidot, see Wiki Syntax

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see also etiquette

adding files

To add files such as images or audio to a page, you need to upload the file first. To do this, at the base of the page where you would click 'edit', click on 'files'. This opens up some options below where you can upload your desired file. Once uploaded, when you go to add an image in the
edit window for the page, if you use the 'add image' wizard for instance, then you only have to select to add an image from 'attached file', and you will see a list appear of all the files uploaded for that page. The wizard takes you through the basic size and alignment of the image file.

page links

All files can be linked to from a given page. Once you have attached the file to the page, paste the following into your edition:

what you type (not in italics) what it does
[[file filename]] produces a link to a file attached to this page
[[file /another-pagename/filename]] produces a link to a file attached to another-page

So, for example, if you uploaded a file to the page called image.jpg, then then in the editing window it should read, [[file image.jpg]]

Alternatively you can embed audio or video files into a page, Wikidot help with embedding files

adding new pages

In the 'editing tools' in the top bar menu, select add new page.
To create a link to a new page, use the add page link tool in the editing palette when you are in a page's 'edit' function. Or more directly, without having to first create the page and then link to it, use syntax: [[[new page name]]] or [[[new page name | text to display]]]. Follow the link (which should have a different color if page does not exist) and create a new page and edit it!

See Documentation pages to learn more.

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