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I am concerned that perhaps with the desire for semicolon to be in constant convection, content may (particularly on the surface) appear confused or nonsensical. The reason for not stating a clear set of intentions is essentially the fact that there were none, but it also has a lot to do with avoiding at all costs anything that is 'fixed'.
Semicolon took the form of the website as a result of a co-elaborated word document; which was autopoetic (self re-producing) theory. Thus, there was no opportunity in this stage for a clear idea of what function a website manifestation of this document should serve. At first the site was a more complex version of the initial form, eventually addressing issues of functionality; (see play-room)

After a brief conversation, attempts were made to give the site a more distinguishable face, (or possible more a mask to function as a face, if you will) resulting in the addition of the more brief 'home' page; the most part of the initial theory that self constituted semicolon was moved into the theory-etymology section.

I am not the strongest mask maker, or the best at making clear sense (whatever that is!…kidding), for exmaple look at this post, an attempt to say something clearly! So, improvements to the face of the site would be much welcomed.

This thread is supposed to provide a place for communication around the accessibility of the site, what makes sense, what dosen't, that sort of thing. Also, speculation about what semicolon could DO, ideas for projects or content, would be really great

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non;/sense by semicolonsemicolon, 17 Mar 2008 03:24
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